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Fafalasimiti Guild MasterHeal OfficerAll right. Fashionably late for the announcement(Only three days).
~ Nemesis does it all ~

As of Thursday 6.4.2017
Team Nemesis has downed Brontes, thus closing the cycle on all existing bosses. Going from scratch to 26/26 NiM(Master) in short period of only two months. On top of it, Dragonslayer has been done as well.

It was truly a joy to watch as bosses went down and all these new achievements showing up in guild chat, whether it was for just plain clear of the boss, surviving or the timed run.
You did some amazing work. Following the philosophy and the culture of the guild, where no one is asking or needs to be carried, but everyone can carry. That is the right attitude, and I was personally very happy to see, how team reacted. And when faced with a struggle, sat down and worked on the boss, team cohesion and self improvement.

Therefore, amazing work TEAM. Enjoy the spoils and the aftermath. You deserved it.
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Nifhil Team Leader  warstalker offically done too
Nifhil Team Leader  dread master - check
Nifhil Team Leader  And Gates got Crashed
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Fafalasimiti Guild MasterHeal OfficerHello. We were bored last night. Did some raiduring. Concluded that Bioware needs to buff CXP tokens from NiM bosses, as we have cleared all 5 timed runs in one go.

1. Gate Crasher;
2. From Beyond;
3. Dread Master;
4. Dragonslayer;
5. Warstalker

So basically we clear 26/26 in one raid. That's pretty acceptable for our standards. Good job.

Tanks: Cola(assassin), Fafa(assassin)
DPS: Dkgray(marauder), Aero(mercenary), Cadnyum(mercenary), Ryjro(sniper)
Healers: Medicate(mercenary), Tes(sorcerer)


Links to videos added in comments as they are uploaded.
SWTOR 5.0 - All timed runs in one raid night 14th/15th of Ja...
Album . SWTOR 5.0 - All timed runs in one raid night 14th/15...
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Fafalasimiti Guild MasterHeal Officer  Delcran, with this guild even you could heal all NiM. While having a date with your toilet.
Delcran   I read this post and its 21 mins ago , u damn illuminati cheater
------   Because I'm such a shit healer yhyh. :)
Fafalasimiti Guild MasterHeal OfficerYou know the drill. Always late on this stuff, 'cause it's sooooooooo important like conquest.

So everything cleared yet again. In 5.0 too. With one unintentional Gate Crasher(so we will redo timed runs as well. such excitement, yay) In one raiding weeks(some videos are there, some will come as we bother making them) From 16. December to 23. December.

Positive thing to detract(as doing same old stuff is mind numbing) is that we did not stoop down to Knight of Eternal Reflect and have avoided such traps, which in turn made fight semi interesting(e.g. Tyrans).

So congratulations I guess. Thank you Bioware for the new content as well. You guys are the true CHAMPION. And I cannot begin to understand the level of patience the dev team has for us lowly pve elitist players, who want a new raids more often than every decade. GG.
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Ionut Tank Officer  Gz, tnx for inv xD
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